• Sarah Eckereder


The idea that networking will help our careers is not a new one. But in today´s age of connectedness and social media, the potential is even greater – and the task can seem even more daunting. Knowing how best to network doesn’t come naturally or appeal to everyone – for some, the thought of reaching out to others first is daunting, while for others even the term “networking” can seem underhand or too “sales-like.”

In reality, people are different and some enjoy reaching out to new people more than others. But if we can stop telling ourselves “I hate networking” or “I´m bad at networking” or “networking is superficial/sleazy/doesn’t-matter-as-long-as-I´m-good-at-what-I-do etc……”, we can actually work on developing our networking activity into something that works for us personally. There is no one right way to network!

TODAY´S TIP: Think about networking in the same way as any other skill you have ever learned. It can be developed and can always be improved! Now add networking as a separate subject for your personal goals or development plan for the year. Discuss it with your manager, colleagues or friends and family in the same way as you might discuss anything else you want to develop. If you read our Tip yesterday and know who your First Follower is, start by discussing your networking strategy with them!

[Do you hate the idea of networking? Get some inspiration with this article from the World Economic Forum.]

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