• Sarah Eckereder

Top Career Tips Day One: YOU NEED TO OWN IT

Yesterday I promised to get you all in the mood for your best career year yet with daily tips. The first one seems quite simple but it’s often forgotten. It’s this: It’s YOUR career - and no one else’s.

Read on for today’s 2 minute tip.....

Imagine your career journey as if you were getting into a car. Being the passenger can be great sometimes - but if you are always the passenger, you’re always dependent on someone else to get you where you want to go - and you might end up somewhere completely different!

Moving into the driving seat gives you more control immediately! Of course, you can still have a navigator next to you and take a map or GPS. But now the journey is up to you.

TODAY’S TIP: Take a piece of paper and a pen (or your phone!) and write down ONE thing that you can do immediately to be more in control of your own career destiny.

Share what you will do in the comments if you've been inspired!

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