• Sarah Eckereder


Yesterday we left you exploring the value that you bring to other people in your work. Today, it´s time to think about your talents – what is at the very top of no doubt long list of skills, abilities and personality traits?

The potential problem of having a long list of what you can do can be a lack of clarity. Maybe you sometimes wonder what you should focus on or which of your skills is most important to pursue or develop. Getting clarity is not only good for the soul (it´s a great stress-reducer!), but also good for the career. It makes it not only easier for you, but also easier for managers or recruiters to understand why you´re great and help you get ahead. So, what can you do right now to start defining that superpower?

TODAY’S TIP: Think of the top 5 moments of your career so far. Write down what they were. Next to each one, write some notes on what you were doing (your actual activity) and what skills or knowledge you were using. What do these moments have in common? Who were you being at those times? Do they give you a clue to your superpower?

[Additional inspiration: Think about what you were naturally good at when you were a child that you perhaps don’t use much today. Sometimes we tend to forget some of our superpowers when we get older. What could you do with that ability today?]

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