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We all bring valuable skills, knowledge and experience to our careers. But how often do you stop and think about how to define that value from someone else´s perspective?

Read on for today’s 2 minute tip.....

If you´re trying to sell something, it´s common knowledge that you need to know your customer and understand customer needs and behaviour. You need to know what value you bring to them with your product or service. But it´s estimated that 80% of us don’t have any direct contact with external customers – our jobs are focused on stakeholders inside a company. We tend to follow our goals or job descriptions and not stop and think about the value that we are really bringing to our customers. Yet knowing what we are valued for will mean we can expand on this and build more ways to help our colleagues, customers and organizations – and be appreciated and recognized for it.

TODAY’S TIP: Think of a “customer” that you regularly provide a product or service for. It could be your manager, an actual external customer or another department in your company. Now imagine yourself in their shoes, looking back at you. How would they answer if you asked them the question “How do I help you?” [Some clues to help you dive a little deeper: What problem of theirs are you solving or need are you meeting? Could it be increasing convenience? Reducing risk? Lowering cost? Satisfying an emotional or social need?]

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