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Who we are

Blue dahlia consulting is based in Zürich, Switzerland and offers HR consultancy, group and team training and workshops, plus related 1:1 coaching partnerships.

We support you across the HR organisation effectiveness spectrum - from People Effectiveness and Employee Engagement through Change Enablement or management of individual projects and initiatives.


We`re also on hand to lead your training agenda for individual and team development or review and progression of individual career and personal development, using creative and well-established tools such as Business Model You® and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).   

Meet the Team
Sarah Eckereder   
Trainer, HR Consultant & Founder

My Background


After over 25 years´ experience working in both small and large companies in the consumer goods, hospitality and banking industries, I founded blue dahlia to make a difference to people in their work lives. I´ve worked and studied in 3 different countries and had the opportunity to work with and lead change and development for people and teams from across the globe.

Over the years, I have been part of many transformation experiences, both personal and corporate - leading and designing learning and development programs for teams and leaders, compensation & benefits processes and strategy design and international assignments during company integrations, re-sizing, relocation and joint venture creation - as well as relocating and re-orienting in my work life many times. My 10 years in a busy, fast-changing international HR function have taught me that managing change positively is enormously rewarding and a superb personal and career development  opportunity – but it is also hard and demands resilience and good partners on your side.   


Why I do what I do

I´m passionate about helping people and teams to be happier, more fulfilled and less stressed in their careers and to thrive in today´s busy daily work environment. I love to see the light in people´s eyes that comes from clarity, confidence and motivation to go after their goals - and their pride (and sometimes relief!) when things work out well!

Why blue dahlia?

I grew up in a garden that, once a year, would fill up with dahlias. They appeared, in all their colours and different shapes and sizes, just as the garden needed brightening up and stood there: tall, proud and resilient, seemingly not conscious of the weather around them heading for winter.  Blue dahlia consulting aims to partner with anyone to maximize their potential - and brighten up the working world around them.  Why blue? Well, we didn´t have a blue one in the garden - and I like to improve! 


I´m British-born, based in Switzerland and live with my Swiss husband and Nils the cat just outside Zürich. 

What people say

"Being around you is so reassuring. Because I always knew there is nothing that cannot be solved if you are part of the problem solving. You carry hope not just in your attitude but also in your ability to make sense of absolutely anything. "

Masha Boldyreva, EVP HR Colt Technology Services

"The feedback from the team has been excellent, people really appreciated the balance between the what and the, leadership and concrete plans...  In particular the jungle tiger and growth mindset landed very well.   

A big thank you to you and Laura for leading a great session. It really helped to reinforce the messages and was clearly thought provoking for the team. "

Mary Barnard, President Chocolate Europe, Mondelez 

"Thank you for the invaluable assistance with the Business Model You Course. Your experience and skills really made a difference in making me realize what I needed to improve  in my business. Really appreciated your help and advice."

Kathy Patellis-Schmidt, owner

"This session was very beneficial for me.  I loved the practical exercises in the session that helped me to explore, dream and visualize... and get objective feedback on the spot. Sarah takes a very personal approach to each participant's canvas and helps you see more clearly what it is that connects the pieces on your canvas.  I can highly recommend this course with Sarah."

Mariya Oppermann, Business Model You participant 

Our Clients 
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Our Partnerships  
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