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Engage your team and maximize their performance with our team effectiveness training.
For teams in companies, clubs or just groups of people wanting to get something done. 

Great teams are winning teams - aligned, capable and resilient, working face to face and virtually.

Results are fantastic and people go the extra mile.

Great teamwork goes far beyond just cooperating with each other or sharing a manager. 
It's about being aligned on a common purpose, connecting with each other and understanding the value that each of you brings.
It's about having fun and learning together in a positive environment, because happy teams are stronger teams. 
And when times get tough, it's about knowing you're in it together because trust is strong.


At blue dahlia consulting, we'll partner with you to maximize your team effectiveness and achieve better results faster.


Teams that understand each other have higher levels of trust; one of the most basic enablers of team spirit and team performance. 

This 3-hour workshop takes the trust level in your team to a new level. You will experience first-hand an increased level of understanding and connection to your colleagues as we take you on a fast-track journey to explore what it is that creates trust and reflect on how you can benefit from stronger, better connections together. 



Why do you do what you do? And what is the unique value that you and your team contribute when you come together? 

The most successful teams take the time to align on these questions so that they can move forward with a joint sense of purpose.  This ½ day workshop explores your team “why” – developing your sense of team purpose and added value. Each team member has time to identify with the bigger picture of the group and identify how to make a valuable contribution to the team’s results.


Use Business Model Teams® methodology to explore the value that your team adds and align on your stakeholder groups and the priorities for each of them. 

How can you work better together to bring even more value?

In an interactive 4 hour workshop, each team member will be able to explore and align on the team´s model of operation and identify their own unique role and priorities. 


The most successful teams understand that diverse teams offer more. They can leverage each other for ideas, communications styles and challenging each other to succeed.

Using MBTI Preference profiling, we explore individual and team profiles to identify strength and development opportunities. 

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